Orbite torque

you are correct in your analysis..but you yourself have proven the ilegality just by pointing out the spoofing and layering that they may do and in fact do.

Sitting back continually and continually turnoing the other cheek as tghey pick you pockets and pick the company's pockets is certainly not the way to go.

If you are simply a 100% trader and regularly put stop losses...you very well got screwed on Thursday by the blatant manipulation...other days...the only difference was that it was more subtly with continued spoofing and layering.

Why do you think that IIROC put that release out on Frday..sure for some face saving and propaganda but also because they certainly saw somthing amiss evemn though they would never admit it at this point nor would they even point any fingers even if they know.

But surely you cannot allow this to continue without a peep or be worried that they can do worse..

apathy is the worst course to take...you might as well dump it all and hand over your balls. ..

This is not directed at you but to those that think we are doing Orbite harm...


I suspect that if we are doing them harm, I would certainly be getting a call from them..don't you think since they follow this board.quite closely...