.  When you're up to your ankles in alligators, it's tought to remember that you came here to drain the swamp.

Here's whats at stake


1) Lowest cost global producer of alumina

2) 4th largest world wide producer of HPA by 2014 -HPA market growth forecast at 32% cummulative annual growth thru 2015

3) partnered with Veolia to remediate red mud. 5-10% royalty agreement

4) Largest producer of scandium at 60ton per year.  current world production is 2 tons per year from clays in China.  Scandium 1%-aluminum 99% alloys have strength , fatigue similiar to steel at 1/3 weight. low corrosion and easy weldability. also used in growing market of fuel cells.

5) low cost producer of heavy rare earths used in hybrid autos, electronics

6) producer of Gallium used in solar panels, electronics