As much as we must be concerned and outraged at the market behavior 

let us not get completely distracted at the business at hand which is a blossoming

corporation which is well on the way to becoming a world innovative player and supplier in the Alumina

and rare earth markets.

Yesterday, after expressing my concerns about what I believe to be market irregularities to Louis Morin

we discussed at length the HPA market.  He pointed out to me a very key factor why Orbite

stands a very good chance to capture the world HPA  market aside from cost and environmental

concerns. Today, China is a big player in HPA. The problem is that China  has difficulty in sending

A  consistent uniform quality of  Alumina to their customers. Very  often the product China sends 

cannot be used. Orbite is now sending to many interested potential customers HPA from different

batches demonstrating a consistent high quality product. The interest is so great that Orbite may

have to build ASAP more HPA plants only to begin meeting the demands.  Bhind the scenes  there

are so many positive developments in the works that will be unfolding now and in the coming months that

will add tremendous value to this company.  GLTA