So we see and get what we've already knew, right.


The banksters can do whatever they want because politicians are in bed with them and the regularities are just marionettes of the banksters. So it's no wonder that listed Chinese companies paid xxx millions last year for delisting from western stock exchanges.

CIBC and Anonymos played their dirty game since weeks. Their agenda was to prefent a breakout and they did this successfully. Their other agenda is to drive the stock price down. It was easy to watch their trading as prelude for each Friday.


But this week it hurts and Orbite itself is harmed by that because of money raising, dillution and internationl connections. This stock and Orbite is under radar. So the banksters are doing big harm to the company. It's typical since years so it's no wonder that more and more prospective companies are overtaken by Chinese or Korean or perhaps soon Russian big players. The west is selling itself ... and the banksters bring the whole system here to fall ... nobody will stop that, especially the politicians who made the laws.


Anyway, tomorrow will be hurt again, I'm afraid.