Thanks Linda for that analysis. The Filipino people though, like the Jamaicans, seem to be real excited about what is being put out. One thing for sure is that REEs and Rare metal stocks, as well as alumina / aluminium ones seem to be poised for big comeback as everyone huge (Governments) seem to be investing in securing supply.

The sad thing is that it is like whatever good news come to a company, the traders will make sure they just keep skimming off any profits that would otherwise come to shareholders by way of a share price rise.

Australian Juniors in the REE and so on space have announced what would be very good news by way of offtakes and the share prices instead plunged or remained stagnant. Much of this open market manipulation which is blantant and would be called fraud in countries like ours (and I must add where fraud is common but not done openly), if you did it the way we see it being to Orbite's stcok for example.

I will not be amazed when many good stocks decide to go private. I think there is a good future for honest  "Private Capital " raising Companies with good reputations (our friends of By do not qualify in my opinion - needless to say).