As part of this speculation... 


Here's an NR from Intex from December, which makes a small reference along these lines.  (Note: Intex is struggling to find funding for their Mindero project, a VERY BIG project, so it may or may not become funded.  However, it may be that something along the following lines - hopefully, with Orbite - could be of help in those efforts to find funding. By the way, I like their proposition to produce "a range of important metals independent of fossil fuel..."):


On December 31st, 2012 MCC8 Group Company Limited (MCC8) released an announcement regarding the status and progress of the discussions with Tengfei and other potential parties (attached). Intex Resources would like to clarify that the discussions are ongoing, no agreement has been signed and an LOI can be signed upon a confirmation of who the consortium members are, and available funding can be demonstrated.


Intex is currently in discussions with several parties about a realization plan for Mindoro Nickel, projected as one of the lowest cost nickel producers and the first carbon-neutral mining operation. The prospects of producing a range of important metals independent of fossil fuel has generated interest from a range of industry players.


We consider the offer from Tengfei as interesting along with other options currently emerging. Included in the current discussions is new test work regarding extraction of additional by-products and alternative cost-effective methods of nickel extraction. Intex Resources will make further announcements about this process in due course.

Jan A. Vestrum
Intex Resources ASA