I do agree with your analysis of the medium future, stevewbirk, and I think it is far from just a pumping job as someone judged.

I also do believe that bauxite remains a key raw material source but the business around it may change. With the presence of 3 billion tons of red muds worldwide, no doubt in close proximity to former or or present aluminum smelters, then those into the business of selling bauxite alone maybe in trouble soon. This could be why bauxite exporting countries like Guinea and Indonesia probably decided they would not be doing it any more - let those who want to extract their bauxite, also build alumina refineries in their countries. They saw the less obvious writing  on the wall, IMHO.

With the Billions of red mud, Orbite's technology and Veolia, the scandium, alumina, iron ore and titanium businesses, IMHO,  just got more interesting; Intex's new proclamations added into the play. Possibly scandium and titanium just got very abundant in the medium future term and now material scientists can go ahead and play more with them and bring into the world the great properties they impart to other metals. Iron ore and steel just got into more trouble, IMHO - as alumnium hecomes more use in vehciles and bridges, etc., even as titanium and scandium become more abundant.

The question then may become:-

At what negative cost is your main product? (what is the net value of your by-products?). IMHO, depending on prevailing economic circumstances, the main product can become a by-product and one of the by-products becomes a main product.

And another game changer IMHO is Silica, as in Orbite's HP Silica or HPQ. This just became a project maker.

Any corrections and additions are very welcome.