Originals you are right they have customers in the bag that just wait to buy from them. 

The reasons are simple, they have been looking for customers for sure, you dont build a plant without having peoples to sell your production to.  Second thing is that in a market economy, companies ALWAYS look for a better deal or a better PRICE for their raw materials, that is what will give you an edge over competitors and enable you to grab a larger portion of the market, BASIC CAPITALISM.  So to all who doubt customers are in the train already, you either bash or dont understand how mannufacturing and selling goods works... Why in the world are all those plants in China, CHEAP labor...  My guess is that Phillips, GE and others from the lighting area have been talking with Orbite for a long time, so it is for other products Orbite will produce in the next months... Basic math peoples, this title will go up no matter what some may say.