Having commissioned and produced their first ton of HPA along with signing a

deal with the GIANT Veoila for building remediating red mud plants all over the world makes

it way too late to stop the disruptive nature of ORBITE. It would be more prudent for Alumina

producing companies to change with the times and convert to  ORBITE's process

which is as effective with Bauxite as it is with Aluminous Clay. The hassle of dealing

with regulations proctecting the environment and the added value of rare earths  and other

precious elements makes it a no brain decision going forward. Manipulating ORT's share  price will in

no way stall Orbite's march to changing the way the world extracts HPA & SGA. The fact however is

that ORBITE's SP is being manipulated by greedy banksters and houses. I agree with those posters

who suggest making noise to the regulatory bodies TO DO THEIR JOB and at least INVESTIGATE

the ridiculous buying and selling activity as mentioned in earlier posts. Whether the authorities look into the

matter or not ORBITE will succeed big time because they have so much going for them in so many different

directions. The great part being that the manipulators have no idea when bombshell NR's are likely to

come out. They could start coming out tomorrow or the next day. Only ORBITE knows for sure. And with

each great NR, the real true value of the company climbs up and up. The jucier the company becomes the

more enticing it will be for investors to pour in. When the US catches on all bets are off. Right now Orbite is

building tremendous value for its shareholders.  If Veoila believed in Orbite to partner with them GLOBALLY,

should we not believe in the future of our company and SP? I am as confident as Veolia if not more. GLTA