I am sure I didn't get all this right, but hey I am not a reporter that should get things all right but I thought I would send her a note to put her straight a little or at least have her attempt to do so. It was certainly poorly written and confusing if anyone counted on her for information.


Hi Marilyn
 I am sure you had all the good intentions with that article on Orbite Aluminae but the number of errors in your piece certainly does not do Orbite Aluminae any justice.
 There are numerous things wrong with your piece like getting confused with HPA and SGA and the fact that red mud  are 3 billion tons rather than 3 million you stated.
The HPA plant in Cap-chat is being used for HIGH PURITY ALUMINA (HPA) for LED'S, electronics and various other uses..
The process being used is not HPA or SGA (smelter Grade alumina ) where alumina is the main output to supply aluminium smelters but a specifically designed and sequenced acid leaching process with numerous patents encompassing rare earth minerals and metals, able to process red mud, alumina (SGA and HPA), fly ash, aluminous clay and bauxite.
I am sure that someone technical at Orbite will be able to give you the deatils to correct your piece and give justice to the technology