Yes, the athor of that report needs to do a bit of research before he/she publish this sort of thing.

Pretty shoddy work.

It does prompt me to express something that I have been thinking about though,,,

Apparently RB stated that hundreds of these Orbite plants would be needed to clean up the entire red mud mess, and he stated that each one would cost between $100 million to $500 million.

What occurred to me yesterday was the huge financing advantage to doing this deal with Veolia.

If you conservatively assume each plant costs $200 million in capex and you built only 10 plants that equals $2 billion in capex to be provided by Veolia

. That is 2 billion that Orbite does not have to try to raise (and get shafted on by Bay St) even if we are only considering 10 future plants which is very conservative.

When you consider that RB is talking about "hundreds" of plants it becomes mind boggling.

Orbite has climbed in bed with a partner with the wherewithall to really make things happen.