now Boudreault sees the market for Orbite's HPA technology in environmental remediation. The company has already built a production scale HPA plant in Cap Chat, QC. With at 3 million tonnes and more of red mud lying in various stockpiles around the world, the need for clean-up is pressing. But eventually, HPA technology could replace the Bayer process for primary production and the red mud problem would not occur.

Either way Orbite's technology and Veolia's global presence will make HPA production from red mud the global standard for decades to come.

So is it a missunderstanding or RMR plants will produce HPA as main objective, I don't know why I was under the mindset that RMR will generate mostly SGA?

Could make alot of sense... specially if a couple of these plants are located in asia or near by... where there is alot of manufacurer using HPA (and REE... ;) ) as raw material. I love it, make sense to me.