You said, "If Veolia were able to anounce an agreement for a red mud site and set a tentative start date for construction that would validate their partnership with Orbite. As it stands now without any details it is impossible to gauge the strength of their partnership ?"

I believe you are looking at the NR in a very micro manner. The fact that Orbite signed an exclusive, as RB put it, " lucrative" deal to partner with Veolia in cleaning up the red mud ponds around the world,

(1)... Orbite would never have sold them the exclusive license unless they knew Veolia was serious about

........ setting up these plants as soon as possible.

(2).....Veolia  is a world class, serious, productive and accomplished company that moves quickly on projects

.........that are beneficial to themselves and the world.

(3)... Being an official partner with Veolia, the esteemed relationship will open up many other doors for

........ORBITE and give them the clout around the world to pursue their business plan with respect the many other areas they are working on i.e. Alumina & HPA from clay, flyash, Rare Earths etc.

...........etc. etc.

(4) ....The great part of this license deal is that Veolia is responsible for all the funding and Orbite collects

.........."lucrative" royalties and oversees the plants. Orbite will thus be able to concentrate on HPA, SGA

............and Rare Earth development.

(5) ......The signing with Veolia will spurn motivation from the other great companies negotiating with ORBITE sign agreements as soon as possible. The early bird cathches the worm. GLTA