Stevie wonder siad it best, is'nt she lovely........

Gentlemen, even though we are being overun by a bunch of nincomepoops (  good one for scrabble!)

that are trying their best to kick us down to steal our shares, RB has none the less assured us once again that Orbite is REAL!   By making this incredible chess move, the world will soon hear the words * The Orbite Process* on many occassions in the right cicles. Not only is this a lean mean Green machine, but it has more people working around the globe to make this a bertter place to live. What I like the most is that they are forcing the governments to step up to the plate and act on environmental clean ups.  They are larger than UC Rusal and most large corps and  they dont seem to be afraid of tchit.  Vive La France!  


Enough for me for today...........Let's keep an ear open, from what I hear, we are getting more news soon!