There is no reason we should open today by trading down...its ridiculous...a company like veolia signs for a global exclusive, and were down..why? because numbers and guidance were not attached. I know many don't think we need those kinds of things, but the truth is, and you can see it right off the hop this morning, that this lack of clarity is hurting us, even if its short term. Someone here asked if we would rather wait for this news until all of the details are ironed out? well, I for one am in that camp. Dont tell me half a_ _  news ...tell me all of the news when you have it. There is absolutely no reason we should be trading down after announcing we are getting into bed with veolia....clearly, the market is treating us in a very specific way...why? because people on bay street have some sort of agenda against us, fair or not....did we spit in anyone's face over there? the answer to that is yes, we did. Its too bad, but we did. How you will ask? figure out what happened between byron and mackie and the subsequent 57 million dollar underwriting. On top of that, we have industry players who I am sure are very afraid of orbite's entry into the market...their yes, we need good relations with bay street, wall street and all streets, and we need full news when its ready, not half news to appease us.