And from analysis about the current status of the HPA plant we know that it is being optimized at this time, and so there will be some very important de-risking that will come with each step of optimization - over the next month, the next few months, and on through the end of the year.  It's not yet to the operational cost efficiency that is projected, and so that can't yet be fully showcased.  But it looks like the HPA plant is indeed becoming THE showcase for Orbite.  I'm encouraged that Veolia took the step they did while the plant was still at this fairly early stage regarding cost-efficiency.  That speaks well of their confidence that Orbite can attain what they project they can.  And if Veolia signed on, impressed with what they saw, I find that very encouraging for what that may mean regarding potential partners/licensees as the optimization for this very important little plant of Orbite's becomes more and more realized.