An article that Google brought up upon my initial search: (from 2012)


Recent studies have shown that the caustic soda content of the red mud reacts with the clay over decades and finally zeolites form through a complex reaction mechanism which could ultimately destroy the embankments of the abandoned red mud ponds and the aqua system around. This has raised serious alarm for the older alumina refinery works where abandoned red mud ponds have existed since over 50 years.


That passage doesn't state the location of particular abandoned red mud tailings, but it does highlight the fact of them.  And I found several studies regarding various red mud remediation techniques, many of which used "abandoned ponds" in order to test their work.


I'm sure more looking around would bring up other examples of at least one potential set of remediation sites, which don't actually involve negotiating with an aluminum company...  just something to include in the possibilities...