byrh i will ask the questions as i bloody well please and if i need a baby sitter i will go pay for one.  Pretty bad when you have some serious coin invested here and all you can do is tell people to shut up for fear of rocking the boat .

Get it straight i am not going anywhere because Orbite does have a great story but negative or positive i will ask the questions i please. That is the big difference between just Pumping and Bashing.

That being said ya i have finished talking about it . Not because of you but because i want to give Orbite a justified amount of time to reply to what might be nothing but complete hear say and hog wash .  By the way 75 mil or 50 mil makes no difference to me if it means the money was WELL SPENT becoming Bigger , Badder and Meaner. 

So everyone have a great day !  Hope your Super Bowel Day is a good one !  Snowing here, pot of chili on the stove and beer in the fridge. Calling for Montreal to avenge Ottawa and a tough one to call between SF and Bal .