((I'm beginning to believe the first SGA plant won't be either in Grande-Vallée or Nova-Scotia, but in Russia...))


That's a very provocative thought gegetrane. I also agree, the "Mackie" research report provided some appreciated visibility on the progress at the HPA plant, and de-risking of the SGA plant. You know, I'm not even the slightest bit concerned about delaying the final publication of the BFS until the end of 2013. I don't believe the publishing of the BFS is on the "critical path" for Orbite. And I LOVE the way Orbite is "working" that HPA/SGA plant design.


You know, regarding "predictability of forecasting" and all ... While I appreciate it in my value-oriented holdings in my investment portfolio, Orbite is playing a very different game. It reminds me of "agile" software development, actually - where the "agile developers" in this case are Orbite's engineers and marketing team. There's still a lot of experimentation and tinkering happening in real-time, and I don't believe it either desirable or possible to have a rigid plan set in stone. However, Orbite has shown themselves, I believe, to be very good at finding the balance between (i) setting and meeting milestones, and (ii) being flexible to allow for design and business model innovation.


Furthermore, as I've mentioned before, I'm WAY more comfortable when the sentiment on investment forums turns cautious or negative, providing I believe there is solid process on the fundamentals. I get vary wary when I see too much high-fiving going on ... simply based on past experience. Of course, I do look forward one day to a much higher share price, but for now, I'm OK with patience.


Hope things are well with you gege.