Yeah, unfortunately, it's a shoddy article, which happens, I guess.  Rusal itself has presented at least 2 technical reports that have included and quite positively highlighted Orbite's technology by name - at the IV International Congress & Exhibition ''Non-Ferrous Metals-2012'' and at the ICSOBA gathering in late October/early November.


See this NR by Rusal from September of last year:


UC RUSAL to present new projects at the IV International Congress Non-ferrous metals-2012 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Moscow, 4 September 2012 — UC RUSAL has become a sponsor of IV International Congress & Exhibition ''Non-Ferrous Metals-2012'', which will be held in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, on 5-7 September 2012. The Company will present its latest research on aluminium alloys and alumina production.

The ''Non-Ferrous Metals-2012'' congress is one of the most important industry discussion platforms aimed at exchange experience and views in the area of the cutting-edge technologies for non-ferrous metals industry. The event takes place in Russia and is well-known across the global industry. More than 500 scientists, specialists across world metals industry development, will take part in the forum together with representatives of 180 companies from 20 countries.

During the Congress RUSAL will present its latest developments over the past year, which have already sparked considerable interest: cutting-edge aluminium alloys production and innovative alumina production technologies.

The demand for aluminium alloys with rare-earth and transition metals and for aluminium-zirconia wire rod is seen from Russian cable industry regarding the high deterioration level of national grid systems. RUSAL technologies enable the production of a wire rod with better mechanical characteristics, increased resistance to temperature and, as a result, with higher power transmission capacity.

Another research area to be demonstrated at the congress is alumina production technology using acid instead of caustic soda developed by RUSAL together with Orbite Aluminae. The implementation of this technology will enable kaolin clays of Siberian deposits to be used for alumina production and to lower RUSAL's Siberian smelters production costs.

''Non-Ferrous Metals-2012'' congress is a key event for Russian non-ferrous metals industry and demonstrates the highly scientific and technological potential of the country. I am sure that developments presented by RUSAL will help broadening the applications of aluminium on our domestic market and create a high-tech production at national industry. Innovative alumina production will enable the production of alumina from Russian ore which are currently non-commercial and making national resources usage more effective'', said UC RUSAL’s Technical Director Viktor Mann.


It would seem that UC Rusal's Technical Director, Viktor Mann is not of the same opinion as whomever it was exactly that that article contacted, folks who apparently had something to do with "the old Soviet process" (a technology from more than 20 years ago).