((Glenn remarked the other day that when he talked to them, they said there had been a lot of calls about the RB radio interview and specifically about HPA pricing. That kind of feedback is invaluable for the company. I'm betting that whatever else this CanalArgent interview brings today, if it goes anywhere near that issue, the number that they use may be many things, but it will not be mispoken.))


I was thinking the very same thing upndown, thanks for pointing that out. I'm certain IR provided feedback to RB, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he specifically addressed issues around HPA demand/pricing in the CanalArgent interview.


BTW, I very much appreciated your comment to Guy that it's nice to be alerted to positive contingencies. And I very much agree with you that there will likely be many, many positive contingencies to supplement the PEA - in addition to Titanium, to be factored into the BFS, there's (i) a 20% reduction in SGA plant OPEX costs, (ii) higher selling prices for HP-silica, (iii) improved acid recovery rates in the calcination step, (iv) potentially lower energy costs if a low-cost natural gas supply is available, (v) potential additional revenues from separating REE/RMs from third-party feedstock, (vi) and who knows what other positive surprises will reveal themselves in the coming months.


Best wishes, and always enjoy reading your posts upndown.