((Most here believe ORT will reach 5N before the end of Q1 and this will change significantly the sales estimates for the first year of production. I believe 5N purity will help to trigger significant off take agreements.))


That is certainly my hope as well. It would be nice to have better visibility into market demand for 5N-purity, but I guess that's the kind of uncertainty you have to deal with when a company is "crossing the chasm". (smile)


((.. but for now i prefer ORT management focus on HPA, very soon on SGA and Red mud (both can be handled in the same BU) , then anything else.))


I certainly agree that focusing on the HPA business at present is important. That being said, I was intrigued by the following excerpt from the recent Alex Knox article:

A couple of [rare earth] companies that I know of are seriously involved in discussions with Orbite to use this technology. These companies have signed nondisclosure agreements with Orbite and are of the feeling that the Orbite process used in whole or in part will be able to significantly reduce their capital costs and, hence, give them a strong competitive advantage over other companies.


If Orbite's technology can be incorporated into the BFS's of leading REE companies (i.e. Matamec, Avalon, Quest, Tasman, etc.) whose deposits are amenable to Orbite's technology, this could become an important additional licensing revenue stream.