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Regarding Patents...

From Dec. 18 press release:


Intellectual Property Insurance

Orbite is pleased to announce that it has obtained from Munich Re insurance coverage for its intellectual property, including its portfolio of patents, trade secrets and trademarks. In particular, this will protect against claims of infringement by third parties and reimburse litigation costs for actions initiated by Orbite against third parties infringing on its intellectual property. This coverage will allow Orbite to respond to any allegations of infringement and defend its intellectual property rights without creating a financial burden on the Company. Orbite currently has 14 families of intellectual property covering various aspects of its technology and has already received patent protection for the first IP family in Canada, the USA and Australia.

"This insurance will provide Orbite with additional strength against would-be infringers of our intellectual property around the globe thus resulting in increased shareholder value", stated Richard Boudreault.



Thx Clubhouse,

Although all this discussion was initiated by our resident moron, still i'm curious to know what happen with these results... and AMMG possible partnership if ever...

Maybe these results were good enough that ORT decided to go for the Kaolin property in NS. That way the are as on the same level property-wise as their potential client... or competitor(lol).

AMMG is trading at .07$AD by the way... no pilot, no patent, no partnership (apart that professor), no samples.