Linda, given the Orbite process allows for the LOWEST production costs ($167 /ton) ***with clay*** - expect even lower costs for processing bauxite (approx. 2x alumina content than clay)- , not even considering by-products revenues, I think it is a very very very reasonable possibility and we can expect RUSAL will do everything to include the Orbite process in their Jamaican projects... Money talks.  Billions dollars savings involved.  This is the beauty of it when you have lowest costs & clean technology - NO RED MUD from the start.  This combined with clubhouse19 comments he got from RUSAL IR, quite interesting...


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Nice to see:


Jamaica hopes to have a Rusal Bauxite deal by month-end.


As an aside, I know we don't yet know if Rusal actually has plans (in the short-run or the long-run) to include Orbite in their Jamaican projects, but it's also quite something to realize it's a reasonable possibility, and certainly worth keeping an eye on... Wouldn't that be somethin'?