Grumpyto,  I agree.  RB won't provide exact value and will always be overconservative during a live interview (better than be over-promising), I think he has learned over the time.  If you do some research, you have a very good ideaof the selling price orange for 4N, 5N and 6N (by the way, do not rely on Hykawywy...). 


Now, would Orbite significantly reduce their margin if they could?  Maybe somewhat, but never to the extent of sabotaging their revenues.  They will try to get the maximum out of each product, that is, fair market price - governed by offer & demand law. And if they have premium to get on particle size & characteristics, they will go get it.






You have to be careful what you listen to. Boudreault has to understate what the HPA is worth. We do not actual know what anything is worth and will never really know. It will be part of Orbite’s strategy to never publish their bottom line on their prices.


Orbite actually produced 4N+. Boudreault did not disclose the price for this product. The sales team will be negotiating with some pretty shrewd buyers.

I believe by low balling the price Orbite is advertising that they have a good product at a good price. Orbite has to enter a new market and it will take a while to get their “brand” recognized.

Going forward I do not expect any accurate information on the price of the products sold. The quarterly financial reports will show revenue and costs but no one outside of the company except the actual buyer will know what the cost of the products will be.

We do know the process works. No one knows what the margin will be for this plant; therefore it is hard to put a value on the stock.

I think we are in an accumulation phase in this stock. Someone is definitely buying every time it drops below 2.60.

I suggest this is the time for patience patience.