Hre is the question and response to put it in the final stage is all relevant here as far as timeline is concerned.


Q-   Dear sirs

 I would be interested in knowing whether your memorandum of understanding with Orbite Aluminae is still in effect and whether you 
   have information on its status.
   I am asking this as I am very interested in the technology that Orbite Aluminae has developed and the support that Rusal is giving it if it is still in effect and wonder whether you can advise of the status of the agreement.
 I am trying to understand the potential of this technology from a potential partner point of view who is a world leader in the industry and how it can affect the present aluminium industry as it moves forward.
 I am looking forward to your response
Thank you

The MOU with Orbitae Aluminae is still in the effect. At the moment we are at the final stage of establishing the JV with Orbitae Aluminium.


Albert Avetikov

Head of IR