Thanks! Excellent find! How does it compare with ... gold?


Gold Price   metric ton kg lbs oz $/ton
1660 $/oz 1.0 1000    2,204.6             35,274           58,554,777


So, at  $580,000 per ton (4N, gamma, 0.1 micron), it is approx. 100 times less than gold, and without "75% volume discount", 25x less. 

With an average selling price of $ 100,000 /ton (30% 4N, 60% 5N, 10%, 6N), it would be 586x less.


Just for comparison, Aurizon Mines was expected to produce 137,000 oz of gold in 2012, or approx. 4 ton;  Orbite HPA Plant will produce 1,750 ton per year of high-purity alumina once at design production, approx. 450 more.  So, quite in the same range value-wise.


A second HPA Plant is planned for 2014 - that will bring HPA production to 3,500 TPY.



Nakate, from your link we can see Goodfellow is also selling 3N5 (99.95%) alumina nanopowder at even higher price...




Nakate, great finding. Could you please provide the link for the
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