Polymetallic projects can also exhibit an economy of scale through diversification into marginal products. For example, Orbite Aluminae Inc. will produce low cost heavy rare earths and gallium, scandium, yttrium, and zirconium as byproducts of large scale production of alumina into a market that has capacity to absorb more than Orbite can produce even at its current costs. This will allow Orbite to produce and sell 1,200 tons per year of critical technology metals at a large margin while the costs are borne by the 250,000 mta of alumina that is their principal product. There are other good companies doing the same thing with polymetallic deposits. For example, Australia's Alkane is a zirconium producer that will produce substantial rare earths and hafnium as cost contained byproducts.Turkey's AMR will do the same with a broad range of technology metals which will be byproducts of its magnetite (iron ore) production.