I'd rather see 9 cents up everyday for weeks than 1$ in a day then poof.  More stable and regular upward trend sound better to me.  It is not the up we would like but still it is up.  On the other end, the price is still attractive for buying and it is derisked, wow what a deal.  What more can we ask for.  I'll try to add soon if it keeps under $3, already multiplied by 15 my position since a year ago so an extra 2x or 3x would be nice.  The near result is not an issue, the real target is end of 2015 where a large part of the full potential should have been expressed and everything expected will either be realised, in process or announced and soon to be realized.

Till then any good news is fun and we must take it for what it is, POSITIVE.  Let's stop torturing ourselves with the actual price we own a derisked worl changer...  Have a beer tonight and enjoy the news we got.

There is money at the end of the tunnel and tons of it for the patient ones.