I was just looking at Canada Lithium, with production -sold - beginning soon.

They are starting production with propane, but will switch to natural gas once the 30km line is built, next year.

Cost for a 30km gas pipeline : $5M

Nice to know when thinking of NG for Orbite.


An interesting project, SP presently at $0.85 (up .06 yesterday) with analysts predicting $1-$1.25.

Here's the big difference with a project like Orbite's.


They will be mining and refining in one place for 14 years, reaching full capacity next year, appr 20,000 tpy.

The payback is about 4 years.

That's it. Steady income. Well, they could expand somehow, if they find and develop other mine sites. Costly.

NOT a growth company.


Orbite will be increasing every year it's revenues by tens or hundreds of millions $$.

Building new HPA and SGA plants for at least 15 years. Selling licenses. Starting JVs.

A growth company.

And payback for new plants is less than a year. Or 2 years at most for the first SGA plant.

The difference for the SP and its growth is, IMHO, gigantic. Even if I don't know much about the market, this is clear as source water.

And I'm not dreaming, just passing time while waiting for the starting gun.