Comments have been made about SMS Siemag still being involved with Orbite, the following is from the Orbite November 2012 Corporate Presentation page 13:



All aspects of the SGA and HPA plants design are proprietary to Orbite.  The SGA Final design and detailed 
engineering is being completed with the assistance of several engineering partners:  
? Final Design and Sub-System Integration:
• M&K Chemical
• Roche Engineering
? Hematite Separation Plant:
SMS Siemag
? Alumina Calcination Plant: 
• Outotec
? Acid Recovery Plant: 
• Outotec
• SGL Group
• QVF (Germany)
? Hydrothermal Acid Regeneration Plant:
• SMS Siemag
• FLSmidth
? Magnesium Separation Plant:  
? Rare Earth and Rare Metals Separation Plant: 
? Environmental Assessment: 
• Genivar
Good luck to all,