please, you say I offer no value nor information,and i leave a dung in someones home..If I saved one soul from risking money believing ORT is a sure thing, a no brainer,than I will feel vindicated..Call me a vigilante,call me an egotist,chose your poison..

I have questioned the unrealistic assumptions where equity financing will be done(8-10 bucks)

I have offered information that a certain respected analyst thinks this could be a ten bagger,though an uphill battle..Your "home"of bulls/bullies just offer one side,I am myself  skeptical yet offer both sides in fairness..My Achilles heel,if you really care to know?THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING..As they have not  yet arrived ten months later,maybe its the Jamaicans?could be the Chinese,perhaps the japanese,,On march 28.2012 the globe and national  post reported"Rusal is in the first stage of investing in a project with Orbite that may reach 25million over a number of years..Aside for the reality nothings been signed to date,is  25 million over  a number of years really such a big deal?so thats my main beef with you guys,you are misleading the uninformed,worse still,deep down the majority of you even KNOW it..Its been a while since we both said"this discussion with you is over.."until up or down 50 cents,I shall try my best to shut up..cheers,and hope you do get to retire on ORT.