So what's new in your piece here from your analyst...Haven't I repeated it more than enough that the process is in the confirmation stage ?

1-  Don't you read the NR's as that is what was manetione or implied by RB in describing what is one of the added purposes of the HPA plant.

2-Hasn't it been told here often enough that there is very little risk money in terms of funds and houses into this ?

3- The issue about the the rare earths...obviouisly they are quoting BYron's Hykawy as was mentioned to me by some sk,,anky fund mgr r here also saying the same thing over and over telling me I should sell at 1.50.

  The pea was confirmed as is in essence except for some presentation...any specifics ?

4-Has your buddy the broker given you one example of over hype and underdelivering or did he just shrug his shoulders and go HUH?

5-Continuation tests....DUHHHHHH!

6-Brokers are the dumbest analysts in any house...they are not paid for being smart or doing fact brokers in  my view are as dxxumb as a box of rocks when it comes to analysing or doing DD and I have talked to plenty of them.

    From what you have stated from your broker buddy....I suggest you stop talking to him and don't base your judgements with what he says..he sounds clueless and should stick to his clerical job pumping orders.