Analysts and their firms get paid by companies to cover them.  As an example,,   Lets say that Mensminus is an analyst working for BYOB Securities and i am company GVVG.   I can pay mensminus 60k a month to right glowing reporst about my company.  I can even give him the information to post so that he does not have to do any research,  The intent is to move the stock price in a certain direction but in thye end its just passed of as Mr Minus opinion.     It happens, thats why you should not listen to anything analysts have to say as they are not there to provide the little guy with guidance but are there to steer the little guys cash in a certain direction.  |Brokers dont work for you either,  they work for you commision and steer your funds to where their bosses tell them to.  Its all designed to gert the cash out of your hands and out of your control.

What your buddy said is worthless and means as much as first opinion you get from the guy standing in line with you at the checkout.

Only chance the little guy has is to do his research and learn to read and see the signs.