This is a true story...And I really dont care if you believe me or not..I called up a stockbroker friend of mine this very afternoon..His company no longer covers ORT..However he qouted another analyst from another firm with a very speculative buy on ORT..The analysts words were"there are  a continuation of tests that must be done to be proved succesful ",translation,a series of tests have to be done, if test one passes, they go to test two,than test number three and so forth..My friend believed they are currently around three or four.out of ten..The analyst believed if right, this will be a ten bagger but the road to getting there wont be easy..he also mentioned managements propensity to overhype (remember the rare earth story last year?) there, heres a little lead for you guys to do your own DD,or contact your favorite stock  analyst ....Oh, and one more thing he said," HUGE bets have been made on the outcome of this story by the very big boys.".Hence this story will continue for  a while and  our personal "agendas"aint about to change price action by two copper pennies..