Mr. Clubhouse   my how you are such a sad sack. For weeks you post on the GWG, almost every day, how bad the stock is while also pretending to buy and sell it for profit. Then you post the chart of ort on the gwg thread every time it rises a little and run away when it falls. So much insecurity, so much anger must surely keep you up at night. I'm sure Mr. Jailtrader was sorely tempted to shove GWG's chart right up your ..... where the sun don't shine as it has gone up over 50% in just a few days, and looks to go higher today. But instead he comes over here and encourages others to take a look at ort, clearly he is an investor where you are but a buffoon looking for glory or something. My group and I have recently started taking a position in ort because it looks like a promising company, we have gained much insight from many of the people on this thread and we thank them as they do seem up on things, but it was jailtrader who flagged it for us. To bad no such kind words can be said for a small, foul mouthed man like yourself. While you probably don't see it you have more in common with people like Mr. roadtologic then any one else. Time for some soul searching Mr. clubhouse, time for some soul searching.