DayOfReckoning - so when you don't feel any need to buy, why are you here? ... spending day after day trying to spread rumours or make this company magotty ... so you obviousely even hold any shares as a serious investor.

There are only 2 reasons I guess you are here. 1st you continuesly are trying to short or 2nd you are just one of some guys sitting in a room, being hired to spam this bullboard with rumours and unproven statements to bring the price down or hold it down.


But to the Big Boys, ... over the last couple of years they lost and lost and lost ... doesn't matter, as long the tax payer pay their mistakes.


Orbite is already a story of success, or isn't it? ... when you say no, you obviousely missed the ride over the last year ... not only as an investor but also in your abilitiy to become aware of this. Just look at the chart and you will see.


But when you are not interested to buy, like you've said, you simply could leave, meet a nice female and have a great leisure.