((For the HPA Plant, even using only 3N silica is bringing significantly more revenue than scandium and gallium (almost 40x more lucrative - 12x using your $3/kg assumption - and it's there, ready to be processed a little further...). ))


That's if the scandium and gallium is from Orbite's feedstock. However, I continue to believe there is potential for 3rd-party processing of scandium/gallium, or other HREEs, at the HPA plant, which have the potential to bring in "tens of millions" of revenue annually.


((I think scandium and gallium and REE processing ability are included in the HPA Plant mostly to validate & tune the parameters at full scale and on a continuous basis for the SGA Plant (already done on a semi-continuous basis). ))


While this is likely one of the primary reasons for separating rare earths at the HPA plant, again, I believe there is material revenue opportunities from processing third-party ore.