Gegetrane and Alumina1, I think that the last time Orbite officially put a value on their resource it was at $450B. This is in one of the presentations.

Also please check out the Resource Intelligence website. Several companies have resource values there  - though not all of them JORC or NI..... compliant.

Then you will see Orbites.

Some resources even when not Jorc or NI... compliant are easy to exptrapolate based on the geology. For a sedimentary deposit the kind of Orbite's, it is almost a given that roughly the same values or grades for the key compounds and elements will be found throughout the same formations which are considered ore - in this case. Earlier research studies had already indicated this - even wrt to REEs.

Therefore the value of Orbite's clay resource at Grande Vallee and further on will definetely be found to be in the Trillions of $. Since without Orbite technology there is little resource value, then for those of us who believe that the technology works do automatically assumme value-content within the clays for all the possible extractable products. 

And in doing so, we are conservative, believe me.