Thanks again alumina1 for all your number crunching.

One thing that always nag at me is your almost de-facto inclusion of HP silica higher than 3N.

We have had no indication that in the near term they are projecting 4N-5N-6N-7N silica. There has been no White Book like for the other sub-products. They only once or twice mentioned that they could eventually envision it.

What will move the SP in a sure manner are concrete numbers on concrete production. So that somehow I would expect revenue from Scandium-Gallium even before silica higher than 3N. They ARE concretely going into that, after all. As interesting as those high numbers are (for silica), they are speculation at this point. Whereas the 5N-6N alumina has been very clearly stated as the goal to reach, such that $100 000/ton is not as much speculation.

But using $3/kg or $3000/ton for 3N silica, still yields about $12 M using your numbers. Not bad.

And you're being generous on the 20% OPEX. I expect it to be between $5000 and $8000/ton when running at 5 tpd. (not at first though)


But any which way we roll these numbers, they always are mind boggling... :-)))