No wonder why Orbite is already planning to build additional HPA Plants...   


I've made a quick Sensitivity Analysis and Net Present Value (NPV) calculation for one SGA Plant @ 5 TPD, using $ 50 M (starting from zero, plus including Capex for higher purity levels of silica / processing & packaging), and the numbers are just mind blowing, with or without HP-silica. Neglecting hematite, Mg oxides, mixed oxides, assuming 1.0 M revenues from REE/RM (could be neglected without noticeable effect) & using 20% Opex.

This is for one HPA Plant only.


See page 5 of the Corporate Presentation ("Additional HPA Plants..."):




Combine this with the NPV for one SGA Plant (see first link of this post, towards the end):

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I believe the right numbers were $30-35 M after the tax credits.