Hi Jeff,

Interesting question and resulting posts from co-shareholders.  Very interesting to see your stories.


Here is a little more about me and what I think about Orbite (nothing really new for you I guess).


I've been buying Orbite Aluminae (Exploration Orbite VSPA) since more than 2 years after reading an article in Les Affaires that really triggered my curiosity.  I have found back the article:



Seeing what the Shorts are doing to this stock (and many other stocks as well) just disgust me.  I really don't like their methods such as systematic bashing and even directly intimidating or playing on the nerves of investors/shareholders combined with all of the rest.  A company (and its shareholders) that innovates and builds something that is revolutionary, creating jobs and real technical and economical wealth would not need to be parasited like this at all.  Congratulations to Orbite team who never gave up and on the contrary surpassed themselves and will continue to do so I'm sure.  


Orbite is an innovative and extremely dynamic company.  Their technology is disruptive and will set them on the medium/long run as the Global Leader in all of their market segments.  Of course SGA - being the lowest costs producer, without Red Mud,  and other products used in high technology industries and with growing markets (HPA, REE/RM - this is something huge and overlooked - lowest costs REE/RM - produced in a clean way and in large, stable volumes- , HP-silica).  I also like their approach to turn wastes and toxic residues (Fly Ash and Red Mud) into valuable resource.   This is a huge market that is not reflected into current share price.  When their newly built HPA Plant in Cap Chat will be producing high-purity alumina, it will be the validation of the whole Orbite business plan and will defeat Short deceptive strategy that is based on Orbite failure.


It is not the first company I am identifying as a 10-bagger+ on the stock market, but it is the first time I see one that is held up so long by the Shorts.  It takes a lot of time and energy to dig and crunch the numbers but this is the only method to know what you are talking about.  I did that for Orbite because it was quite challenging with their diversified stream of products used into several domains (materials/high-strength aluminum alloys, optic fiber/ communication, artificial sapphires, solar industry, LED, etc.).  I am continually learning a lot of new things from my research and also from posters on this board. 


I've seen companies going up much more with much less achievements and much farther away from generating cash flow.  Orbite share price should be already in the two-digit level.  It developed my patience a lot and moderated my optimism, but it also allowed me to question more my investment, to dig further and to know more about the company and also as a very positive result, buy more shares than I ever thought.  I think the Market is just about to finally realize and acknowledge what Orbite is all about and that the share price will better reflect company's value. 


Shorts will have to capitulate because Orbite has fundamentals that are simply unmatched in any of the other successes I had.  l went ahead of analysts and included the effect of 20% opex reduction, high-purity silica which is a significant new source of revenues that we can expect to see in the BFS.  Silica from clay is ultra-fine (smaller than 1 micron) and Orbite will have abundant quantity of this valuable material and at high-purity levels - my take is that Orbite will also revolutionize and revitalize the solar industry (Linda has put some insights already).   For those reading this board regularly, you are already aware of where the company could go.


I share this with you because it makes no sense to me that the Shorts would get away without losing money.  They have to pay for their HUGE mistake.  I would also like to avoid that only the big ones (some of them most probably using Short Interest to shake the tree) get the shares.  Don't get impressed by their smoke show.


Be ready for this week to buy all that you can from Shorts, they won't give up easily and they know a big News is coming...   They must feel the heat because they were really looking forward to see share price falling below the 2.40s a few days ago... But  shareholders are not giving up either, share price is on an upward trend since May (up 76%) despite of more than doubled Short positions (declared) since then (now above 12.2 M).  Keep adding at their expenses if they are dumb enough to continue shorting.  Last 3 months is showing strong consolidation and the stock is ready to liftoff.


Never neglect the power of the retail investors. Orbite and its shareholders deserve to be greatly rewarded for their patience, hard work and dedication.  Patience and accumulation because it is just the beginning.