Weekend Survey

 First of all, it has been great reading all the different postings and how all of us long shareholders came to be like a family. We often protect each other and stand up to others who post negative comments or info that simply is not correct. I have to say that many times my decision to "hang in there" was made by never ending encouragement and plain honest truth about the company and the people behind it!

 I really want to thank all the posters that provided such compelling info and the unlimited wealth of knowledge allowing some of us to better understand how this whole process will work in the upcoming future and that maybe this really is a "chance in a lifetime stock" to own. I have made many friends on this ORT board and we communicate weekly. I am truly appreciate for all the info they have shared and how they helped me out in many ways to keep the faith. Many thanks to Jeff for all the info he has recently shared to benefit all of us.

 How I came to learn about ORT was kind of at a "survival time" in my early investment days. Back in 2008, I owned stocks in a small oil company which did quite well and was able to make some decent $$. I re-invested it into what I believe was one of the all time worst and most covered venture stock that was pumped and shorted to the max. Being down by a high 5 figure, I tried desperately to find some stocks that would slowly turn the boat around and take some severe stress away from me. I owned 4 different stocks in Uranium that were doing fine until the disaster hit. I was back on the floor again. I remember being at an all-inclusive resort where internet wasn't available and hearing on the news of the disaster. Needless to say, the rest of the holiday turned dreadful for me and myself esteem. Early summer, I contacted a guy who wrote a monthly blog and had his own stock site. He suggested that I seriously read about ORT. I knew nothing about that industry so I read all I could and am still learning today. He said his average was around $2 and he felt that even at $3, it was a very good price and if all ORT'S plans materialized, this would be cheap, cheap in the future. I did purchase a small amount as I had not much left of anything. Fast forwarding, I have bought lower and lower but when the price dropped to a certain point, I began to feel fear again and sold a fair bit. I should have stayed the course but it was human nature to feel like this. I have sold and then it's gone up and vice versa. I never really could get lucky when it came to that so I just decided to tough it out and hold on to see what happens. Here we are now and I am hoping I have done the right thing. My current average is $2.65.  The past 3 years have been stressful but I have learnt a lot. One thing I was taught was never to emotionally fall in love with a stock but I am afraid I have to eat my words. I find myself back in that space with ORT. Here's hoping to a great future together!

 Sorry for the length of my story.