Jeff, first of all thanks for your updates.

I got to know about Orbite about October 2011 as I was trying to find out about REEs in  sedimentary clays. The Chinese clays are residual clays with very low REE grades and therefore different and that time the hype was on REEs in carbonatites with the very high grades and of course Chinese residual clay REEs. This was with regard to a project I was involved in which showed what I then called 'elevated values' of REEs in siltstones and mudstones. That is when I landed on a Rare Earth Investing News article about Orbite.

Then I checked out Orbite. 

And what  I learnt and  'saw' blew me away and turned me into an Orbite junkie of sorts. Here was a resource and mining (I am a geologist) Company with the biggest potential in the world and 'no one' seemed to know or even care? 

Most significant for me was the vision I had of what Orbite technology could do to our region here in Africa - how truly disruptive Orbite's technology (or what could now be called Orbite-Rusal technology) is going to be globally. I was amazed, I had a kind of personal epiphany and tried to find out if I was right by writing to many serious people  and none of them replied. Like as yet few believed in Orbite or even wanted Orbite to succeed. I mean I wrote on sites such as Jack Lifton's TMR site and even Dr Watanabe and none replied or responded. I anyway took the professional plunge and worte an email in early November 2011 which I tried to circulate as widely here as possible and which was titled

"Who Needs Bauxite Anymore? Certainly not East Africa!" In it I tried to bring to peoples' attention what Orbite had achieved and what it could be meaning for us here.

To keep sane, I was reading the orbite bullboard then but it took me some days and several attempts to become a member. I seriously needed people to communicate with since no else was interested in what I was saying - which to me - was way too cool and really huge, phenomenal - this Company called Orbite Aluminae! 

I joined the board and became a vehement supporter of Orbite - the small talented guy who many tried their best to undermine and discredit. Then some few days later, Luisa came out with what will turn out to be a classic analyst's report. I think the first PEA came out some few weeks later.

Then came the halt and the many people who were negative on Orbite. Then came Hykawy who seemed to be riding a high wave then and who so unbelievably rubbed as much salt as he could into Orbite and Orbite's shareholder's wounds. 

Anyone I met here I talked about Orbite. I was very surprised to find that few actually seemed to know about Orbite. What amazed me at the time is the herd mentality - very bright, well brought-up and well exposed people do have it. They cannot make their own DD about say a Company and make their own decisions. They wait for some other people to make that decision for them. They can be very effusive about a 10million ounce gold deposit and yet ignore Grande vallee. It is so funny because Grande Vallee is worth about 50-100 of these 10 million ounce gold deposits! It is a very sad state of affairs for humanity.

Good enough Rusal came about and in a way justified Orbite's claims and our beliefs. I, like many, was hilarious about the Rusal news and told everyone I knew here. People here then started to believe that maybe I could be on to something here. Good enough, Orbite then continued to perform miracles, so to say, especially in the REEs field to such an extent that no one could now dare challenge or ignore them. You either recognised Orbite or you stopped being someone worth listening to. Then Nalco came in.

I look at charts of many companies (that have been grouped together with Orbite - say at the raremetals blog which now has a new name) and I see that there is no doubt that Orbite is now more highly regarded, IMHO, say than many including Molycorp and Lynas. Most people have recently hit 52 week lows. It is just a few weeks or months and everyone will be gushing about Orbite, I think. Could I say, or hear, an Amen.

I am one of those people who regard many Orbite shareholders on this board as people who are of the same tribe as me. If it was not for the people here who embraced me, I may have given up on what may turn out, who knows, to be something huge here in our region - equally disruptive in a very developmental way for our region here. Could have safely settled back into the herd.

I believe Orbite's technology has unlimited potential for use in the mining industry. It is one of those things that maybe defining the paradigm shift humanity may be going through. I have learnt a very great deal from people here and in those 2 other fora and my introduction to Geoffrey Moore matured me up a bit - especially wrt my expectations of other people (Thanks to Linda and GlennAs I guess).

Putting one step ahead of another, I now have a partner who is Canadian and believes in Orbite and we continue on work here in Uganda and there. Our next results are likely to derisk much further our area here and in the process attract many serious people. Our  insistence is that it must be Orbite technology to be used / licensed because this area is very attractive in itself as an REE prospect since it is has clays. And our Government people here, many of whom are former colleagues of mine and are friends, do now believe in the great potential of Orbite's technology globally and specifically here in Uganda and East Africa, as well (please see Pg.8, No-13).