I've been out of the stocks for many years because of young kids, career, and so on...  Had no time or money for this.  But I always kept a reeeeeeeeeeealy good souvenir of my investment in shares back in the 90's and early 20's.  Back then the VP finance ( he was a crack in investing and his hobby was how to make profits in all legal manners) that had hired me at work found himself in a dire situation because he hadn't taken steps for a replacement plan in case some key employees leave or else.  One of the key employee was badly injured at home and was out for 6 months.  VP came to me and asked if I could take the job on the spot.  So I did, and did it in such a good way that the VP got praised by the top management.

In order to thank me he asked if i knew how to invest in shares... I didnt so he offered to teach and even gave me the first liquidity to invest as I had none, he told me in what stock and teached me why.   I made really nice profits.

In early 2011 with kids a little older I had a little time and money so I came back to stocks.  Heard about Orbite in febrary 2011 and did all my resaerch and analysis.  Finnaly bought Ort in july and many times since.  I average 2.20

I did contact the retired VP (I did left the company we worked for  6 months after he retired) and told him about Orbite, he was happy to see I remembered well what he teached me.  On my reccomendation he got into Ort and keep telling me this might be in his top 5 best investment in life, we will see.

Thank you Jeff for all you done so far.