I first learned about Orbite thru John Kaiser Bottom Fishing subscription.  I had been investing in precious metals, then rare earths , then got interested in minor metals (tungsten, vanadiium, molybdenum, lithium and most recently graphite).  I like the canadian miners that work in a politically stable area-that pretty much means Canada alone at this point in time.  Anyway , I made my first purchase in 2010 and have acumulated close to 1/2 million shares in my retirement fund. The average purchase price is over $3.00 so i am underwater -doesn't worry me.  I've sat on stocks like Great Western and Avalon  for 5-7 years before they popped.  If it takes a few years for the stock to reach full value-it doesnt worry me. I have seen perfectly good companies get sold down and then reverse engines and climb in value with enough velocity to take your breath away.   With all the games that are played by brokers, hedge funds , investment banks and buyoiut companies, I pretty much expect a drawn out battle for assets of value.  I am retired and have used the same strategy for 40 years-identify an undervalued company and be patient.  I continue to evaluate the fundamentals of Orbite.  I just don't find any holes in the program and the more I learn , the more convinced i become that this is a winner. I have an undergraduate degree in chemistry, so i have a better than vague apreciation of the industrial process. That being said,   I am impressed by the knowledge on the board.  I would like to meet all of you someday.  maybe at the stockholders meeting. This is the time to be patient, disregard the clown's innuendos on the board, This is the best company I have ever invested in.  Good luck to us all!