My daughter and her significant other  (N) were visiting me in Mexico where I spend my winters.  I had decided to supplement my retirement income by becoming a day-trader. I had religiously contributed to RRSPs since I started working in the 70s, but I'd always used a broker and just did what he suggested.  I started a daytrading account outside of my RRSP in December of 2011.  N was taking the securities course and hopes one day to work in the industry.  I had been buying mostly Canadian banks and resources, almost all large-caps.  I started really small, with $5000 and as i saw that I could make money at it, I invested more.  One day N mentioned Orbite.  He had bought some a while before, and while he was underwater at that point, it was rising and I was interested.  Up to that point, I knew very little about the companies I was trading.  Of course, everyone knew BMO and BBD.B and I had started to pay attention to things like when they were presenting their quarterly financials, major news announcements, etc.  So I started reading up all that i could find about ORT.  I found this bullboard and SI.  My first buy was Feb 2, 2012 when I bought 1000 shares @ $2.75.  I traded in and out of lots of other things, but while I bought more ORT as time went on, I found myself not selling.  Even though the price went down, I kept the faith.  And I bought more as the price went down.  The TSX had a good run in early 2012, but ORT got halted by the QC securities regulator.  Becuse my background was in law, I took a real interest in that and was impressed by how ORT handled it.  Like most of you, I expected a big rally when the halt was lifted, and was disappointed when it slipped right back down.  By mid-March of 2012 I realised the problem with my system... I was selling everything that went up and holding and waiting for a turn-around in the issues that went down...  so while I had some nice profits, all that I had left were the losers... and ORT.  I never thought of ORT as a loser.  I continued to ride it down and to add to my portfolio.  I opened a TFSA and bought only ORT on May 16th @ $1.61.  I made some money but then got burned on WPT around that time... it was a stock that the shorters were having a blast with (much worse than ORT), so I got out of that and suddeny I realised that all I had left was ORT.  Fast forward, and today I have only ORT in my trading account and my TFSA, and I even finally got my advisor to let me sell some of the stock in my RRSP and buy some ORT.  I've never sold a share of my ORT.  Today I have just under 77,000 shares and my average cost is in the vicinity of $2.05.  I have mentioned ORt to many people, though never suggested that anyone should buy it.  Several have, however, done so, and inivitably, some have bought on the exciting days.  Usually they didn't tell me till afterwards.  Some were underwater immediately... I felt bad, but never worried that they would ultimately lose money and i have said to them, just be patient.  I report major developments, good or bad, to my little group by e-mail.  Sometimes it is fun.  sometmes it is not as much fun.  We all know that we are on the cusp of somethng amazing.  I have a comfortable retirement, but my investment in ORT will, I believe, more than double my net worth.  Many thanks N!