I followed this stock from the 35 cent price range. I did not buy in until it had reached almost the $2.00 range. I had  this one pegged to my watch list. I have seen other companies come along touting new refining processes and seen them go no where or have a story that did not jive with what I know or believed to work.

I never looked at Orbite as a resource stock even though it is and more than that. What I watched is the technology with a keen interest on their refining process. I did not want to buy in until I saw something positive which were the results from their process testing at the pilot plant along with some photos that brought back some memories or past experiences and cleared any doubts I had about Orbite and their growth potential. Normally I will only buy stocks with multiple resources, in the case of Orbite I see the complete package, unlimited resources,refining technology and competent management. Sounds almost too good to be true. We'll see very soon!