jeff.  this is one occasion where i would be absolutely tickled to be wrong.......i will jump up and down and cheer mightily if i am wrong.....i'm begging to be wrong.....okay you get the

it's just that so often we (all other boards too) get all worked up with anticipation of news, that not getting news is a huge disappointment for all, this time i just want to take it as it comes and not get too hopped up.

as for the the moment of conception so to speak, it was a couple of years ago on BNN, way before the hate was on. can't remember who spoke of it, but i usually make a napkin list of ticker symbols to read about. when i finally got around to ORT, i had to investigate more. bought in originally in the low 2's. finally stepped up a lot more this past summer at 1.77. my own DD plus all the valuable posts here sealed the deal.

so a big thank you to all who provide us with solid facts. and here's hoping i'm wrong.