Hi folks enjoying reading how and why others got into Ort. I am farely new to the game. I first heard about Ort through BNN and thought it was interesting but never really persued it. At some point I put it on my watch list and did a little investigation of it on my own. At the time I owned some GWG stock so I was following the rare earths. Actually, I bought my first Ort shares as a result of this board. I jumped on it when I read that Harper and Putin were talking about it. Just as the shares started to skyrocket up after the harper/Putin meeting I started to buy thinking it was going to the moon. lol. It went down. I kept buying. Still buying as of Thursday. I still own my GWG shares but my investment in Ort has long surpassed my investment in GWG. But, let me say that I think both have a lot of upside. I have been selling all my other RRSP holdings to buy Ort. And I will continue to do so . PS, I'm from Ontario but love Quebec.